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FECER's 2019 Steering committee took place in the premisses of FEDERMANAGER in ROMA.


Marco Faleri (President); Philippe Hendrickx (General Secretary); Philippe Lazzarotto (Treasurer); Roland Glibert (Accounts' Auditor), François Perniola (ex President, ex General Secretary et ex Treasurer); Alberto Mastracci (representative from our affiliate organization in host country).


Patrizia Forcina (Relazioni Industriali e Insttituzinali Federmanager) & Giacomo Gargano (Presidente Federmanager Roma)


Sandro Neri & Constantino Lato (Coordinatori Commissione Energia di Federmanager)


IMG 20190223 WA0009 2

1. Welcome, presentation and discussion lead by FEDERMANAGER


Le vie per la decarbonizzazione e lo sviluppo economico
e industriale dell’Italia


2. Presentation of 2018 accounting's report for approbation (Philippe Lazzarotto) 

The Steering committee approves the year 2018 accounts. The Steering committee decides to renew its membership and its contribution to CEC in 2019. The new contribution formula for membership to FECER  will apply as from 2020.

3. Discussion on the follow up of clean energy package position paper, European Union decarbonization strategy proposal, coal region platform initiative (Philippe Lazzarotto)

 The Steering committee validates the position paper proposal. The position paper will be published on the website and it can be widely distributed.

4. Presentation of project of nuclear event organized by CNC/NCK and possible participation of FECER (Philippe Hendrickx)

The Steering committee thanks CNC/NCK for this very good initiative and decide to contribute to its success as far as possible and first by relaying all information for that to its members and partners.

5. Opportunity of a FECER memorandum before the European elections (Roland Glibert)

After discussion the Steering committee validates the memorandum FECER calls for a new european energy policy.

6. Outlooks and decisions vis a vis FECER organization, functioning, development issues (Marco Faleri, Philippe Hendrickx)

For 2019 an amount of € 5,000 can be devoted to the development of FECER.

François Perniola is designated as Honorary President.


Executive Board

Marco Faleri

Marco Faleri


PhHendrickx photo

Philippe Hendrickx

General Secretary

Philippe Lazzarotto



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