FECER vision on gas policy : A bridge for jobs

Develop new job opportunities by developing a sound Biogas and hydrogen industrial sector

  1. Design and construction of production units
  2. Adaptation of uses and associated facilities (road transportation, buses, garbage trucks, trains, boats,…)
  3. Development of the distribution network (new gas station, grid)
  4. Organisation of training centers for operation and maintenance as well as for the construcyion of the production units
  5. Research centers

FECER proposals for a proactive biogas policy

  1. Trigger the development of the industrial sector of biogas and hydrogen in Europe through the European Commission direct support of investments (Horizon Europe programme, Innovation and modernisation funds,…) and regulations (feed-in tariffs, strike prices, guarantees of origin…)
  2. Support the development and use of BioGNV and Hydrogen as mobility fuels
  3. Support for Biogas and hydrogen solutions should be linked to keeping full value chains of their development and production in the European Union. It should be possible for member states to link tendering and promotion of energy projects to principles of “good content”, which means that good work, fair payment and ecological responsibility are considered in tendering and public procurement procedures
  4. Boost research programs that could give European industries a technological leadership in Biogas and hydrogen production, transport and uses
  5. Gas and electricity systems should be better intertwined to beget the most benefits from both energies as regards their characteristics (flexibility, storage, hydrogen…)
  6. Make energy transformation a leverage for social progress, by offering prospects for professional development to employees and supporting them so that they can find their place and be involved in a sector in transition.
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